Bristol horror con writing competition

I entered a short horror story competition which was being held at the Bristol Horror Con by Far Horizons E magazine and Bristol Literature of festival. It was based in my late grandma’s home and featured an idea that had been lurking at the back of my mind for a long while now. I thought I’d give it a go, wrote the piece and sent it in before putting it to the back of my mind. I wasn’t expecting to get short listed and was stunned when weeks later I received a reply. I would of been chuffed if it had ended there but things got even better.

We went to the con, enjoying the panels and all the stalls set up. It was the first one and it was brilliant, small but full of interesting stuff. lots of artists and writers selling their work which was great!

The winners were announced early in the day which helped as my nerves were crazy. I had no idea how many people were up for the prizes, just knew there was one winner and two runners up. I sat through the panel beforehand trying to guess who had entered a story!

I got second place! I was so thrilled and stunned. I really wasn’t expecting it as I thought my story wasn’t scary enough. It’s the first time I’ve entered a writing competition and let other people read my work so it was great to get good feedback.

Along with winning a ‘books are my bag’ tote full of books, my story will be in the November issue of Far Horizons E magazine! I cant wait to see it amongst all the other great stories!



Hot chocolate with marshmallows to celebrate!

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