Favourite books of 2015

So I intended to have this post up shortly before new year but had trouble with my laptop so I’m only getting around to posting this now but better late than never!
It was hard to narrow down my favourite books from last year but I only wanted to do three so I was merciless. These are in no particular order as I loved them all equally!



Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marillier

This book was a dream, having everything I have come to expect in a Marillier book but being so unlike the others at the same time. Perhaps because the main characters are older and the romance is only minor? Blackthorn and Grim may be some of my favourite characters of hers, so human and flawed but having a strong bound of friendship. Within a few pages I was in love! I’ve recently read the second book Tower of Thorns and it was just as brilliant. I cant wait til the third book Den of Wolves comes out! 



Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge

For me Frances Hardinge books are the type that can be enjoyed by any age as their all full of creative original ideas, wit and brilliant writing. They might be in the children’s section but that shouldn’t put anyone off.
This and Face Like Glass are my favourites of hers. This one is delightfully dark and explores the changeling fable. There were times where I was slightly creeped out! As I’ve come to expect from Hardinge she twines many different themes together, creating heart warming characters and dazzling locations. I couldn’t put this down and wish there was a second book!



 Uprooted by Naomi Novik

 This book is a fast flowing river of fantasy, taking you through twists and turns, surprising and delighting. The world that Novik has created is reminiscent of classic folk tales, full of charm and horror. I was swept up in the clash of creatures and people, the race against time to defeat the cruel wood. One of the aspects I loved the most though was the under-current of emotions and layered characters. Each one makes mistakes, realizes hard truths and changes. Agnieszka in particular was wonderful, a naive young woman that grew strong and found the place she belonged.
This is not just a beautiful story, it’s one that mirrors people’s hopes and fears, bringing them out in a fantastic setting. Much like classic folk tales did. It was a perfect bittersweet dream of a book, one I instantly wanted to read again after finishing the last page.

Fingers crossed 2016 is full of brilliant books too! What were your favourite books of this year?

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