Cheltenham Literature Festival!

This was my first time at the Cheltenham festival and as we were only there for a day I didn’t get many photos, to busy looking through the Waterstones tents or wandering through the crowds. It’s the first time I’ve ever met authors too and though nerve-wracking I had a great time. 


The first author I got to meet at the festival was Jonathan Stroud! I was probably one of a few adults at his talk that didn’t have children with them but I didn’t care! His talk was really interactive as he described how he came up with the idea for the Lockwood & Co series and had us calling out answers to his questions about types of ghosts and haunted places. He was drawing ghosts on a flip board and he’s also a great artist. He got a young girl up on stage to kit her out like operative and showed us some of the stories he wrote as a child. It was a lot of fun.



Afterwards he did a signing and I only got The Creeping Shadow signed due to the others having come from the library. I really need to get around to buying the other books! He was really chatty which was good because I couldn’t think what to say other than I loved his books.
The Lockwood & Co series just keeps getting better and better with each book and The Creeping Shadow was wonderful. It felt just like meeting old friends again after a time apart. I plan to reread all the books soon.


The second author I met at the festival was Laini Taylor which was amazing because I wasn’t expecting her to be doing a talk and signing there! I spilled my tea across my laptop in my excitement when I saw her announced!
Her talk was really interesting as she revealed things about her new book Stranger The Dreamer, explained how she writes and discussed inspiration. She also answered loads of questions though I was far to shy to ask one.


Everyone got a sampler of Strange The dreamer and afterwards she did a signing. I was a babbling fool, too star struck to say anything very coherent but she was so lovely and gave me advice about getting published and chatted to me about short stories. Doesn’t she look like she’s just stepped out the pages of one of her books?!
   I’ve read all of Laini Taylor’s books and though they were all brilliant, Lips Touch is my favourite. I hope she does another story collection at some point as she has so many wonderful ideas. The sampler for Strange The Dreamer was so teasing and wonderful. I cant wait for it to come out!


I also picked up a signed copy of the illustrated The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge and Chris Riddell because unfortunately I couldn’t be there for their talk and signing as it was a previous weekend. Still I’m pleased I found this in the tents as I originally read it from the library so didn’t own a copy.

I hope more authors I’d love to meet visit Cheltenham Festival in the future.

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