Writing Goals for 2017

I’ve never set myself any goals at the beginning of the year before but thought it might be fun to this year.

Finish the damn book
Normally my only goal concerning writing is just to finish Lovelorn. I had hoped it would get finished over Yule and though I have made so much progress, It’s still not something I can cross off as done. So this first goal is no surprise! I will get the last draft done and It will be ready to be sent to agents. It will.

Start the next book!
So hopefully that first goal will get done in the first part of the year and I can start the sequel to Lovelorn, A yet unnamed draft that has only a few pages worth at the moment. More on that exciting development later!

Write more short stories
Not only write more to put on here but ones to send magazines and anthologies in the hopes of them getting published. I love short stories but didn’t have much time to write them last year, I’m hoping before starting Lovelorn’s sequel I can fit in a little time to write some.

Start writing with Nem
Without going into a huge amount of detail that will take up this whole post, me and Nem have been writing together since we first became friends over 13 years ago. We co-wrote stories together until I started writing Lovelorn and we both really want to find a way of doing it again. We have a story in mind and just need to find a way of fitting writing together around writing our own stories.

Fingers crossed I can at least get the first two of these done! I’ll do an update on how I did and if I manage to achieve anything else at the end of the year.

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