Lovelorn is now a trilogy!



When I first started writing Lovelorn is was a stand alone and it stayed that throughout most of the first draft. As I was drawing closer to the end however I realised I wasn’t finished with the world I had created and that minor characters I had introduced needed their stories expanded on. At first I thought perhaps I would write some short stories but as I edited each draft, adding more layers, introducing more characters and hints at pasts I realised that wouldn’t be enough.
After talking about it at length with Nem and brain storming plots what was once a stand alone has now become a trilogy! I’ve come up with new ideas and assimilated another story I had concerning some of the folk briefly mentioned in lovelorn so it fits with the new plot.

Due to this I am also currently trying to think of new names for each book that will fit together well. I’m thinking that lovelorn will be the series name and as for the other names….well I only have ideas so far!

Lovelorn has now been sent to my long suffering editor Nem so all the last little details can be tweaked and it can be turned into a manuscript to send to agents. After that it’s simply a last read through and then off it goes into the world!

While he slogs away at correcting all my spelling mistakes I’ve started on the second book which is currently known as Lovelorn 2. I’ve had a bit of trouble getting my brain to work on it so far and have had many false starts. Finally though I had a breakthrough at the weekend and have started connecting with the characters and getting excited about the plot.

Hopefully I can get the first draft for the second book finished alot faster than I did for the first book…

I’m a mix of excitement and nerves at this development but I do think it’s the best thing for the story and characters. Hopefully I don’t screw it up!



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