Strange The Dreamer book signing

Recently I was lucky enough to meet Laini Taylor again and get my gorgeous copy of Strange The Dreamer signed!


Me and Nem were already visiting our hometown Bristol so it was perfect that she would be doing a signing there! We went with my mum who also wanted to get her book signed and met up with some friends too. We were actually the first in line thanks to my mum’s love of starting queues!
The signing started early and unsurprisingly she was just as lovely and friendly as when we met in Cheltenham. I managed to mumble my way through a short conversation while grinning like a fool and I give her the ‘Miracles for Breakfast’ iced easter egg I’d got for her. For those that haven’t read the book, Miracles for Breakfast is a book of fairy tales that Lazlo finds within the library of Zosma. She mentioned that she might actually write Miracles for Breakfast in the future which made me so excited as I’ve adored her short stories in the past. She seemed really pleased with the easter egg which made my day!


The line to see her was quite short and as she started early it quickly diminished so I hung around trying to work up the nerve to go back to talk to her. I really hope she didn’t notice me hiding behind the book cases trying to convince Nem to come up with me!
After dancing around behind the book cases, I forced myself to go over as I knew I would regret it if I didn’t. I asked about her tour in the UK and we ended up talking about the weather in Portland and Wales which was lovely but didn’t really impart my love of her work. All in all I don’t think I was as bumbling as last time in Cheltenham but it was still pretty bad! Haha! Perhaps if I get to go to another signing of hers I’ll actually be able to talk like a proper person!


The problem I have with meeting people I admire and whose work I adore is that I always think of what I want to say after! At the time my mind goes blank and all I can do is nod and grin and try not shake or say something completely unintelligible. At best I mumble on and trip over my words and at worst I can’t say anything and completely forget to thank them! It goes by in such a blur that I’m left trying to remember what I even said! Mostly I worry that I wasn’t polite enough which is probably a incredibly British thing to confess.
As I’ve learned over the years, the only way to get over my nerves and lack of confidence is to keep doing the things that cause it. My younger self wouldn’t believe the things I do now like travel on my own and talk to strangers. True, attending more signings will never turn me from a introvert to an extrovert that will chat at length to authors about their wonderful books but maybe I’ll get to the point I can actually remember if I thanked them for their time!
Conquering nerves aside, book signings are wonderful. I love getting books personalised and meeting the person behind the stories, even if briefly. I have a list of authors I would love to meet and hopefully I’ll be able to tick a few off that list in the near future.
I will definitely be keeping an eye on Laini Taylor’s future tours and I have a suspicion that Muse Of Nightmares will be just as beautiful in person and I’ll want that signed too. If only I didn’t have to wait a whole year for it’s release…

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