That rough first draft

Dolphie enjoys helping me plan the fair folk revels and feasts but he does think I should include more dogs, especially ones the colour of slightly burnt biscuits.

Writing the first draft of Lovelorn 2 has been a very different beast from the first book. With Lovelorn I found a rhythm to writing and many scenes needed little editing besides tying up loose ends and correcting spelling. Especially the first half of the book which was written in a stream of words, rushing from me unbidden. It was only at the second half mark that I began to slow down, to have to ponder and brainstorm ideas for the kingdom and its folk.
With Lovelorn 2 its the complete opposite! I have a wealth of ideas and plot points to work with but the progress is so juddering and slow.
Though saying that I did hit the ‘theres no plot and everything I write is crap’ phase two weeks or so ago. I suffered this with the first book and it put me in a writer block that lasted months and left me contemplating giving up with it all together. Thankfully I seemed to have pushed through it this time by brainstorming and planning further instead of listening to that nasty little voice in my head.
At the moment every scene I write in Lovelorn 2 has countless correction notes, the rhythm I’m used to writing in having fled to some hidden part of my brain, intent on not playing. I have the bare bones of the story and dont get me wrong those bones are exciting but I miss the pleasure of writing a wonderful scene, the words flowing from my fingers. I’m constantly reminding myself that bones are better than nothing as I know from experience that obsessing over one scene will mean I never progress past it. I write rough first drafts, and rough second draft and rough third drafts. It’s a constant process of smoothing down the rough edges and filling in the gaps. I told myself Lovelorn would only have six drafts but here we are on the cusp of the seventh and that’s really alright because each time new depth gets added to it. Though I tell myself this will be the last however because I do need to stop at some point and at this rate I’ll never stop adding to it.
I guess the difference is not in the roughness but in the fact that it’s in a different area this time. Instead of plot, it’s the language and that’s not something I normally struggle with. I hope as I get deeper into the book it will become easier, my rhythm will return carrying apologies.
Every book is a different beast that needs befriending. I just need to find out what sweet treats this ones prefers so I can coax it into behaving.


2 thoughts on “That rough first draft

  1. How cute is Dolphie?! This post has got me thinking about my own novel, waiting for me to sit down, dust it off and finish it. My problem isn’t so much with the ideas as it is just getting it all out!


    • I shall send on your praise, if he could type (not for lack of trying with his snout!) He’d say thank you 😛
      ooh now I’m curious as to what your books about! 😀 I’m still struggling to get it all down too, It seems to be going a very round about way from my brain to my fingers at the mo! 😛
      If you ever need any one to read through your stuff for feedback or just to have a complain about how hard it all is feel free to message me ❤


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