Lovelorn is very nearly done, I promise


Remember how I said awhile ago that editing Lovelorn was nearly over? Haha, yeah well that was a lie. Both me and Nem have now read through the whole thing once, then I edited tiny little historical details that were amiss and focused on the sentences themselves before giving it back to him to read through again to check  the spellings. I’m currently reading through it again too but as an epub on my phone. I want to experience it as story instead of scenes with dozens of highlighted problems. So far it’s reading very well and kinda doesn’t feel like I’ve written it which is interesting. I think it might be the different format as obviously I remember everything that happens, I’ve been over it so many times I cant forget if I wanted too. I have found myself thinking ‘oh what a lovely sentence’ or ‘this sounds very Victorian’ which is good! Though I’m not sure whether that’s me getting into the pattern of speech for the era or just the way I write…

I’ve also sent the epub off to a few friends so they can likewise read it and give me feedback on anything that doesn’t work or just doesn’t add up.

I’ve lost count of what edit I’m on, I think 8 or 9? I’ve already picked up on a few tiny details that need editing, mostly just adding a word here or there and then hopefully once that is done and I have feedback I can start sending it to agents. I swear, I will stop editing at some point. I need to stop or I will forever be finding things wrong with it…

So fingers crossed for one last tiny edit and then it’s done. I promise I’m not lying this time.


2 thoughts on “Lovelorn is very nearly done, I promise

  1. You must be so disciplined to not only sit down and write the book but then go through and edit it so many times! I have a story in my head that I want to write but just can’t get it down.


    • It’s been a labour of love definitely. I hope I don’t have so many edits to do on my next book! 😛 Maybe you need to change up the plot so it clicks with you 🙂 Sometimes just changing the beginning scene can make it all start coming together.


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