2017 goals recap!


Before putting up my writing goals for 2018 I thought I better see if I did well with my goals from this year as I haven’t been keeping an eye on it at all. whoops.

Finish the damn book

Success! Not only did I finish Lovelorn but I sent it out to a myriad of agents under it’s new title The Jaded King. So far all I’ve had is rejections and it’s made me feel rather downhearted but I know it’s the way of things and I’m not giving up yet.

Start the next book!

Another success! I’ve started Lovelorn 2, having written a total of 10 scenes so far. For the moment I’m taking a break from faeries to work on another story which I’ve written just over 10 scenes of as well. Hopefully I’ll have even more scenes written by the end of the year!

Write more short stories

Failed this one as I didn’t write any this year despite figuring out plans for a few. Finishing The Jaded King and getting everything ready for agents took longer than I was expecting and when I wanted to relax it wasn’t with writing! I guess this may be one aspect of my writing that suffers the more large projects I start as before The Jaded King most of what I wrote solely on my own were short stories.  Hopefully I’ll manage to get a balance with doing both at some point.

Write with Nem

Another failure. Damn I was doing so well! Both of us have been so busy with our own projects that we haven’t had time to write together but we already have a plan to carve out some time for a joint project next year. More on that in my new goals!

I’m pretty pleased with how I did considering I achieved the two most important ones and also started another story on top of that. This year has been a steep learning curve what with querying agents and finishing editing. Despite the fact that I’ve written since I was a teenager I feel I’ve learnt a lot about my writing process since bringing The Jaded King to completion. Nothing like struggling to properly finish a book to show you how your mind works! I’m hoping next year I can be a bit kinder to myself by not compare myself to other writers (namely Nem as he writes so damn fast and hardly edits!) and focus on finding a routine that works for me.

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