Writing goals 2018


These are my new goals for this year. Although I didn’t actively keep an eye on my goals last year it was nice to come back and see how I did so for now I’ll keep doing them.

Find an agent!

This one is largely out of my hands but it’s still a big goal of mine for this year. So far I’ve had only rejections which is obviously disheartening but I intend to keep trying. I’ve read that you should be rejected by at least 80 agents before rethinking things and I’m no where near that number yet.

Finish first draft of new story

I’d really like to finish the first draft of my new project this year, perhaps even start editing too. I intend to make a post talking more about this project soon and if The Jaded King doesn’t get me anywhere with agents then this project will be the next story I start querying.

Continue writing Lovelorn 2

I’m hopeful that along with the goal above I can also keep writing the next Lovelorn book as I’ll likely self publish the whole series if The Jaded King doesn’t get picked up by an agent. I wont say I’ll finish it as working full time along with writing is not an easy feat but I hope to get at least half way through the first draft.

Writing holiday with Nem

Thats right, we’ve booked a writing holiday! We’ll be going to Edinburgh for a week in July to soak up all the inspiration the city offers and co write a novella together. We’ve already started thinking on the project but planning will start in earnest a month or two before we go. We visited Edinburgh last year for a short break to meet Juliet Marillier at a book signing and fell in love with the city, especially its graveyards! I cant wait to go back and explore more.

Of all the goals on this list the one I’d really love to be able to achieve is the one least in my control! Typical! At least I can focus on the other goals while I keep my fingers and toes crossed that I find an agent.

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