Current Projects!

So I promised in my goals to talk more about my current project and in the space of time between posting that and this I’ve started two more projects! All these projects only have working titles at the moment.

Battle Grounds

This is the project I mentioned before. It’s a stand alone fantasy novel which follows three soldiers that have defected from a centuries long war against beasts set on tropical islands known as Solace. Instead they start fighting for each other and uncover the root of the war in the process. It’s got three switching first person points of view because apparently writing two wasn’t hard enough so I had to add in a third. It’s been really refreshing to write just fantasy after getting lost in all the historical details The Jaded King entailed. For Battle Grounds I’ve pulled inspiration from Chinese, Mayan and British history to name just a few and thrown them all into a big mixing pot. Though thinking of names for all these invented places and things has not been so fun!

Magic Teeth

I’ve decided to try and get a novella out into the world in the midst of all this querying and Magic Teeth is one of the two I’ll possibly be self publishing. It follows Angora, a young man who is attacked and ostracized from society in the wake of it. Due to his skill at painting he becomes an apprentice to a master that makes the magical sets of teeth the city are known for. Me being me though, obviously things are not as they seem and everything gets very dark.

Cake Brothel

And this is the second novella which features a currently unnamed baker that creates cake to be sold and relished at parties. It’s inspired by vore, Rococo fashion and black work tattoos.  This one is in it’s very early stages but I’m really excited about writing something so weird. Despite the strangeness entailed at it’s heart it’s a sweet romance between ladies.

I’m switching between all these projects at the moment, mostly taking breaks from the more intricate Battle Grounds with my novellas. I think three projects is the limit my brain can handle so if I start talking about others before finishing at least the first drafts of these three then tell me off!

I hope to have at least one novella finished in the next couple of months so it can start being read by you guys. Which one that’ll be has yet to be decided.

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