Just a little writing update

So first things first Magic Teeth has been finished and sent off in hopes of it being published! I wont say to who in case I get rejected but I’m rather proud of it. I hope to write more novella’s soon as it was a perfect break for my brain. The editing was so easy for starters!

Secondly my Cake Brothel novella has grown legs and become a fully fledged novel. I could of kept it shorter but I’ve been having so much fun exploring the world that I just let it do what it would. I’ve really let my bizarre nature have it’s way with this story and it’s making me so happy. I’m roughly half way through the first draft which I hope to finish soon so I can start editing before the end of the year.

I’m a rather slow writer (especially when compared with Nem!) what with working full time and my dyslexia but I really want to get this ready to submit by the middle of next year. I’m so excited to share it with my beta readers!

Other than that me and Nem are off on a writing holiday soon and need to finish planning that little project. I’m more than ready for a break from work and all the cemetery walks we have planned.


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