Becky Chambers book signing

While in Edinburgh we took a train to Glasgow so I could attend a talk and book signing by Becky Chambers. Getting there was a bit more stress than we first though, firstly with the trains confusing us and then by getting lost once there. I had intended to do a little book shopping, for us to find a park to sit in and eat our dinner but as it turned out we arrived with barely ten minutes to spare before it started! We ended up wandering around the town for at least an hour and a half and Nem resorted to eating his dinner while we walked. We were both very tired by this point but it soon got better once we had a drink and were seated waiting for the event to start.

As we were seeing her on the actual release day of Record of a Spaceborn Few I sent my pre-ordered copy to the shop so I wouldn’t miss out on getting it signed. I also brought A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and the ARC of Spaceborn Few that I won a month or so ago. I’m so glad I brought the ARC as when packing I was debating between that or Closed and Common Orbit. I couldn’t fit both in my hand luggage and have space to bring back my pre-order! In the end I made the right choice as the ARC is the first I’ve ever had and now it’s even more special because its dedicated and signed.


Before the signing there was a talk which was really interesting, especially hearing about her love of science and how she tries to stick to reality concerning it as much as possible. She also explained how many of the alien species began by her picking traits she loves in nature and building a social structure around them. Nem was impressed by how much non-fiction she reads as he also tends to gravitate to that genre as opposed to fiction. Space is not something I know very much about so I really enjoyed listening to her talk about it, her love of all things to do with it really shone through. Many of the best questions came from the crowd though I was too shy to ask her about her newly announced Tor novellas.


As there were so many of us, they staggered the signing but it didn’t take long until it was our turn. by that point I had found my voice and I prattled on about how soothing and comforting I find her books. I likened them to literary blankets which she really loved. As with most signings it was over quickly but still amazing. She was so sweet and pardon the pun, down to earth.

Afterwards Nem found a quicker route to the train station and luckily one was heading back to Edinburgh not long after we arrived. Once on it I could finally eat my dinner! Pasta is not great to be consumed while walking so it had been in my bag the whole event! Needless to say I was starving by this point but it was a nice end to the day at least, munching and staring out the train window.

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