Finished first draft and goals

I finished the first draft of Cake Brothel!!! I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it before the new year due to life being so stressful and hectic but I did, with two weeks to spare. Of course it is far from being done and I’ve already started looking through my editing notes and making changes but the hardest part is done. From past experience with Lovelorn I know that each draft after this will only add to the story, making it richer each time. Of course I’m also aware that it will mean much more work for me, many stressful edits and more than a few books needing to be read for research on top of it all.

With that in mind I’ve decided not to set goals for this year or to do a recap as though I’m hoping 2019 wont be full of the heartache I’ve battled through this year it will be very busy! My calender is already filling up!

My only goal is to get Cake Brothel ready to be submitted to agents by the end of next year. That and to slow down between the impending busy periods and drafts. Log off more often, focus on reading books I’m excited for and try to teach myself how to de-stress. I have a feeling those moments are going to be very much needed as next year gets in full swing so I better start managing my time better now.

Maybe this time I wont need to have ten drafts like with Lovelorn? Fingers crossed!

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