Long time no post


I’m really bad at updating this blog aren’t I? I had such plans for it as well…

Though getting pregnant with triplets and moving country will tend to take over your life so I’m not beating myself up about it too much. This month marks me being over 20 weeks pregnant and just under four weeks since we moved Sweden, where me and Nem moved to live with our partner Linn. The stress of the move and having awful morning sickness left my creative energy incredibly depleted BUT I’m starting to feel like a human again so I’ve been slowly getting back into editing Cake Brothel.

At the moment I’m half way through the second draft so once that’s done I’m sending it to Nem (my long suffering editor) to check through before it goes onto my beta readers. Our babies are hopefully arriving into the world at the end of October so fingers crossed that will all be done by then.

In other news after much thought I’ve decided to query Lovelorn again, reverting back to its original title and making it a stand alone. Time has passed since the last round of querying and though I’m still learning as I go, perhaps I have a better shot this time. Lovelorn deserves a second chance from me, if only in acknowledgment of all the blood and tears that went into writing and editing it.

And lastly my novella Beneath A Bethel is getting published! Which is equal parts exciting and terrifying to think people will be able to read my writing after so long. It’s being published by Gurt Dog Press which has been set up by Nem himself! It will focus on LGBTQI+ dark speculative fiction and horror which is something close to both our hearts. I’m thrilled to be one of the first books published under his new business.

So that’s all for this update but I hope to finish up and post the blog posts I had planned in the beginning of the year soon now I’m feeling better.


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